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April Newsletter


Avenue End Primary

April Newsletter 2014


Dear Parents,

This Friday sees the end of the school term and it is very difficult to believe that we have only term 4 to go before we have completed another school year.  As always things are busy in Avenue End with some classes out and about, rehearsals for the school show taking place and all pupils participating in the School Science Week.  We have lots to tell you about this month and we hope you enjoy our reports.


World Record Handwash

‘On the 19th March P4 to P7 took part in a lesson about hand washing. We were given a numbered ticket and told to go to a table with other children.  We were taught the 6 techniques of washing our hands properly.  Then a member of the group sprayed water for us to measure the length and breadth of a sneeze.  We predicted how far a sneeze would spray with our hand over our nose.  Then a member of the group held a tissue and the water was sprayed on top.  This time the water soaked into the tissue which tells us that it is better to use a tissue than our hands.   I really enjoyed the afternoon because I learned a lot and it was fun spraying the water.

PS We have now heard that Glasgow schools have broken the world record for the number of people washing their hands at the same time and it will go into the Guinness Book of Records.

Report written by Liam Milligan P5/4.


Glasgow Museum of Resources Visit

On Wednesday 19th March our P4 class went on a visit to Glasgow Museum to find out about life in Britain under the Romans.  They spent a very interesting morning there and Kai Chan and Teigan Sloan would like to tell you about some of the things they saw.

‘When we got there we went into a classroom.  The people talked to us about how the Romans lived.  We went into groups and one group went to the Roman remains and the other group went into a pod room where there were carvings on the wall in Latin and they had to try and guess what the words said.  We were then split into 4 groups and we had to make an aqueduct, a bridge without cement, dress up as Romans and compare old and new things.  We had great fun and we learned a lot about the Romans.  We hope we can go back soon.’



The Platform

On Tuesday 18th March a visit to The Platform was arranged for our P6 pupils. The show was called ‘The River of Stories’.

‘At first we waited in a queue and a woman put coloured bands on our wrists.  We were then taken to a big room where we were introduced to all the songs and then the professionals danced and we danced.  Then we went into different rooms with other schools and the dancing teachers taught us some dances which we performed in front of the other schools. We really enjoyed it and the dances inspired us.’

Ellie Murray and Gabrielle Brown  P6


Scottish Country Dance Festival

Some of our pupils were selected this month to take part in the Scottish Country Dance Festival. The festival was held on the 19th March and Ellis Lappin and Naomi Sloane took part.

‘The festival was held in Bellahouston Sports Centre.  When we arrived we had to check in.  We then went into a hall where there were loads of other dancers.  After we put on our sashes we danced our first dance,  ‘The Reel for Jeanie’.  After that we had to take part in many other dances.  The final dance was ‘The Flying Scotsman’ which we all enjoyed.  At the end of the festival we all sang ‘Auld Lang Syne’.  We then had to put our coats on and go back on to the bus.  We were very disappointed that we had to leave.’


Kelvingrove Museum

Our P3/2 class, to find out more about Ancient Egyptians, went on a visit to Kelvingrove Museum on 24th March.

‘When we arrived at the museum we went into a workshop.  We saw a play about a pharaoh.  We looked at all the Egyptian things and we saw a real sarcophagus and were allowed to touch it.  We tried to open it but there was one in glass that was already open and we saw a real mummy inside it.  We then had lunch and went upstairs where we saw scarab beetles. We went into groups and we looked at knights.  We were allowed to go to the shop where some of us bought souvenirs. We had great fun and were sad when we had to leave.’

Report by Sam Bowes and Caysey Cameron P3/2


Literacy Project

Our P4 and P5 pupils have been taking part in a literacy project over the last 3 months.  Abbey Docherty in P5/4 would like to tell you a little about what happened on their visit to the Fort Shopping Centre.

‘First a lady from Millie’s Cookie shop at the Fort said that we could decorate cookies.  So we decorated our cookies.  After that a lady told us a story and we ate our cookies. Then we went to Hobbycraft and we made a bookmark for our books and collected our last of three free books.  When we had done that we went to W.H.Smith, looked around the shop and went right to the back of the store where the manager Phil gave us a job to do.  We had to put books in the right place in the store room which was already very full. We then had our photographs taken with our new books that we were given’.


Pollok House Visit

On 27th March Mrs Gilmour’s P6 class went to Pollok House to learn about the Victorians.

Kelsay Blair and Billy Hughes went on the visit and really enjoyed it.

‘When we arrived we had to dress up as Victorians.  The clothes were very fancy as we were the master and the lady of the house. We split into two groups and the first group went upstairs to look in the bedrooms and

the library.  The second group stayed downstairs and looked at old Victorian things which they had to guess what they were used for.  We then met together in a very small room and a lady told us all about Victorian life.  Later we went back downstairs and saw inside a Victorian café which still had old Victorian stoves.  We learned that in Victorian times everything had to be an even number.  So there were 2 doors, 2 bells and 2 chairs.  We also visited the servants’ rooms which were very cold.

We thanked the people very much for letting us come to see their museum’.


Easter Code

Mrs McSween’s P7 class went across to Ruchazie Church on 27th March to take part in the Easter Code.  Carly Corrigan and Gavin Jago had a fantastic time and want to tell you about it.                                          

‘We started with a quiz and if your team got an answer correct you all got a jelly baby and your team won a plastic egg.  Inside the eggs there were pictures and when they were put together they made a message.  After that we went round different stations.  At the first station we watched a short movie, at the second we got our feet washed, at the third we tasted some Passover food and at the fourth we performed a short play.  At the end we made sun catchers for the window.  Before we left to come back to school we had to write on a fish what we had learned from our visit’.





Fairtrade Coffee Morning

We are delighted to report that the P6 Fairtrade Coffee morning raised the grand total of £87 and our thanks go to everyone who helped either with the preparation or who came along and gave their support on the day.


Athletic Competition

A group of P7 pupils took part in an Athletic Competition on Friday 21st March at All Saint’s Secondary.

‘We took part in all different events against eight other schools.  The boys relay team broke a championship record that had been held since 2006-07.  Bradley Smith also broke the record in the sprint race which had been held for 7 years.  Avenue End came third in the competition and we were all very happy.  It was a great day.’

Gary Bowes and Emma McKechnie P7



Our congratulations go to Gary Bowes in P7 who has won a place in the Holyrood Football School of Excellence.  He had to get through three trials to win a place.  WELL DONE GARY!!


School Show

A reminder that our school show takes place on Thursday 3rd April with two performances.  The first is at 1.45pm with the evening one being at 6.30pm.  Tickets priced £1.50 are now available from the office.


Easter Disco

Once again we have to extend our thanks to the Parent Council for organising and running our end of term discos last Thursday.  We know

from their comments, that the children all had a fantastic time and we are delighted to be able to tell you that £155 was raised towards school funds.



Could we please remind all parents about the importance of naming uniform!  Over the last few weeks we have experienced problems with pupils losing jumpers and polo shirts, especially after PE lessons.  It makes it much easier returning lost items when they are named.  Thank you for your co-operation.






Dates for Diary

Tuesday         1st April   Pre entrants    -           Easter Egg Hunt

Thursday       3rd April (1.45 & 6.30)     -           ‘Reach for the Sky’ senior show

Monday 7th to Tuesday 21st April inclusive        Spring Break

Wednesday   23rd April                                   Easter Celebration

Monday           5th May                                    May day Holiday



School will close at 2.30 pm on Friday 4th April and will re-open on Tuesday 22nd April at 9.00 am



The staff and pupils wish you a Happy Easter and enjoyable spring break.






David McNulty               Acting Head Teacher           April